Saturday, July 9, 2011

Overusing training to solve employee related problems in organizations

When it comes to solving employee related problems in organizations often times the topic of training and development comes up. More often than not training is used to address these issues. What do you see, if any, that could be potentially wrong with this approach?

Regarding employee related problems I believe the second step after verifying that training is not the answer is to review that employee's quality of work life and whether or not he/she is being compensated and treated with respect for his/her abilities. I find it a bit narrow minded to believe that all employee related problems arise out of lack of training, but this does not rule training out as a tool for educating on a variety of issues both technical and ethical. If neither training or a review of the employee's quality of work life prove effective it is possible the employee is not optimizing his/her work priorities, and may need more assistance by his/her manager in doing so. Some employees will need more coaching than others, and a good manager will place each employee where he/she functions best. If all else fails, it may be time to reorganize and possibly consider punitive actions against an under-performing employee. Some employee related problems are based on clashes of personality, which may involve two or more employees whose infighting is damaging the effectiveness of the business. In this case it may be wise to consider moving around employees (if the company has multiple branches), or dismissing one of the employees so that work can get done.

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