Thursday, July 21, 2011

Internet transactions

What are some special issues that arise in Internet transactions? What must managers do to protect their organizations in Internet transactions? Avoid discussing an issue mentioned by other students.

As a manager that deals with internet transactions, one should be concerned with protecting and renewing their domain name (such as my domain, ensuring their retail site is operational and maintained, ensure adequate programming on the logistics software to ensure customers cannot buy more products than available, and have their website digitally signed and either handle the financial transactions through a third party or set up their own credit card processing component. They must ensure buyer IP addresses are logged as to prevent fraud, and also include a digital contract that the buyer should be aware of informing them of what information is being captured, how the product can be used, etc. For the sale of software, there may be clauses included on the contract prohibiting unauthorized reproductions and sharing. Any software being sold should be licensed, in accordance with relevant state e-commerce and licensing statutes.

Most have already heard of the trouble Sony has been having with hackers breaking into their databases and releasing their users information. In some cases, released information and passwords are unencrypted (stored in plain text). It should be a priority for companies to encrypt passwords for both their users and administrators. The organization should be familiar in how to use the information infrastructure protection act in their defense should persons try to steal information without authorization.

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